One Day Awareness camp on “Rehabilitation for the Immanent of Udalguri District Jail

On 30th April, 2017 the team DESC (NGO) have reached the Udalguri District Jail premise at 10:30 am on the very day.

The programme started from 11:30 am by the Chairmanship of Mr. M. K. Dawka, the Superintendent of Udalguri District Jail, Udalguri. In this programme the Respected Guests were

 Mr. Bhabesh Dutta, the famous poet of Udalguri

 Mr. Madhu Patowari, the famous writer and singer of Udalguri

 Mr. Prabin Sarmah, the Retired Teacher under Govt. Of Assam

 Mr. Atul Ch. Deka,  the Retired Teacher under Govt. Of Assam

 Mr. Kumud Gayan, the Instructor and Facilitator of Udalguri Bihu Party.

            The Chief Guest cum the Spoke preson of the very Awareness camp on Rehabilitation for the immanent of the Udalguri District Jail was Mr. Sammy Kashyap, he was the invited guest from Tezpur. By profession he was a Motivational speaker of the Assam. At the beginning of the programme, under the supervision of the Superintend of Udalguri District Jail, some of the immanent honoured and warmly welcomed to the Jail premises by Hindu rituals of Pusspanjali, Naam, Kritan and Prayer.  After the prayer and Puspanjali, the purpose of the meeting was delivered by the President of the DESC NGO, Mr. Jitu Nath. Mr. Nath has concluded his speech with the intent of the topic “Rehabilitation”. After the delivery of the Purpose of the meeting, Introduction of the Guests and felicitation of the invited guests were covered up by Mr. Hem Ch. Deka, one of the Member of DESC NGO.

`Then after, Mr. Madhu Patowari, gave a speech on a motivational singer of our Nation and also he tried to differentiate the life between the Jail premises and outside the Jail. He said that the respective NGO is there in Udalguri to serve those people who ever wants the help to start a new living after the experiences of the Jail. The immanent may have the opportunities to be a part of the developing society by the upcoming project of the NGO which is Rehabilitation. After his valuable speech Mr. Bhabesh Dutta have delivered a short speech where he have recited a poem of his own, where he tried to reciprocate the mind of the immanent with good and creative thoughts. He was followed by the motivational speech of Mr. Atul Ch. Deka, the retired teacher.

The program was followed by the active participation of the immanent of the Udalguri District Jail. They have demonstrated many activities of good and habit where the sung a song which was composed by them. Also a part was kept where they could share their opinion with us. The maximum of the immanent had shared their views and thoughts of the Jail.

After that our Chief Guest, Mr. Sammy Kasyap had delivered the heart-touches speech on the presents days at Jail and future days after Jail. He gave a good example of German Soldiers regarding his presentation. At his short speech he tried to involve the immanent with active participation and co-operation. He made every possibility to make them positive and think positive of their lives.

In between all the immanent along with the NGO’s Guests and members were all served tea break. Then after, the president of DESC NGO Mr. Jitu Nath had delivered a motivational speech where he tried to evaluate the good days of our lives and bad days of our lives. He convey this message of doing things good through the immanent because he said that humans makes mistakes, but it is we who should minimized the percentage of doing mistakes by thinking positives.

One of the immanent, Mr. Charan Basumatary had shared his view points over the two years of his experiences and thanked to the NGO for their initiative of the project of Rehabilitation.

Mr. Arpon Daimari delivered the vote of thanks from the NGO.

Mr. M. K. Dawka delivered his conclusion speech as Chairman where he thanked all the members as well as the guests of the very program and declared the open session was wind up.

After the open session the Udalguri Bihu Group had performed the Bihu dance inside the Jail premises and made the environment a happy and joy full environment where every immanent were chilled with joy and happiness.

After the Bihu dance performances the team NGO with the Guests and the Bihu Party were treated with a delicious party under the supervision of the Jailor Mr. Biswas of the Udalguri district Jail.

By 6:30 pm the team NGO with those invited guests had marched out from the Udalguri District Jail.

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