Free Medical & Awareness Camp, Bangaligaon

The team DESC (NGO) have reached the school premise at 09:30 am on the very day along with the NRHM team of Udalguri. The medical camp was basically for malaria disease. Before the medical check up started the team of the NRHM had conducted awareness to the people and the students of the area. In this Free Medical Camp there were 387 beneficiaries.

The programme started from 10:00 am. In this programme the chief visitor was Captain Arun Kumar, 159 Field Regiment, Udalguri Golondi Army Camp. The Doctors were Dr. Tapendra Ch. Deka, Dr. Jyoti Prasad Bharali and Rph Shatabdi Das and other medical units such as (Radiographer) Padma Gogoi BHW, Jyoti Prasad Sarma (Lab Tech.), MMU, Malaria department had taken active part in the programme.

Dr. Tapendra Ch. Deka, in the awareness delivered that how malaria affects in the human. Malaria caused by the bites of female anopheles mosquito. If weakness, cold, fevers, shivering, sudden sweat occurred it might be the symptoms of malaria, and then one should consult to the doctor immediately. He said that malaria could be prevented in many ways such as by using mosquito net, by keeping clean the surroundings of the household.

Among the 387 beneficiaries, as laboratory technician reported 51 persons had been examined blood test and 11 persons result were positive, where 08 were P.V. and 3 were P.F.

The volunteers of the school students helped the team through all aspects, such as during prescribing the prescription of the beneficiaries and many more. Also the people as well as the teachers of the school helped the team NGO and NRHM. The medicine, injection and saline were provided free to those beneficiaries of the area. Blood test was also done to those beneficiaries who were prescribed by the doctors on the very day the report of the blood test was also given to those by the end of the day.

In the middle of the check-up of the day a half hour break was given to the team and the doctors, were the resident of the area had prepared a meal for those.

Before winding up the day’s programme the Gaonburah Bola Sarmah of the area came and gratitude the team NGO as well as the NRHM team with loves and care.

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