December 14, 2020

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This is a new project of the NGO this project will work for the improvement of the education of those pupil who were in need of the help of extra studies time, i.e., tuition. We the team of the NGO is willing to establish a number of tuition centres in the rural as well as urban areas to ensures the students with providing their needs and extra time in promoting the education. This project is named as “ViddyaiJyoti” this project not only worked with the students but also would ensurethe employment of the youths of the society. This project is so designed that the local village head will appoint the youths as the teachers from their respective areas. The project “ViddyaiJyoti” will provide employment to those youths who will be selected by the village head of the village. So, the managing committee will comprise the local village head, President of Panchyator the V.C.D.C. Chairman. The aims of the project “ViddyaiJyoti” is to promote better education to the students at a minimum cost. The project also promotes the youths to earn a little earning and to contribute their knowledge towards the better of those pupils who needs their helping. The project “ViddyaiJyoti” will provide the teachers of the respective tuition centres a basic training regarding the teaching-learning procedure. The students will provide a minimum rate of fee every month that will be nominalfor each subject. The students of Class-VII, Class-VIII, Class-IX & Class-X will be taught English, Mathematics, General Science and other subjects too whenever necessary as and on the demand of the students.Theproject“ViddyaiJyoti” will ensure about the upgrading of the rate of literacy. The local students unions will also plays an important role in promoting the new era of the education system under the project “ViddyaiJyoti”.The guardians will have to play an important role in rendering their actual duties, because the project “ViddyaiJyoti” wants the best participation of the guardians by evaluating their justification towards their children by admitting their children to our tuition centres. This is not only a tuition centre but a big platform to the students because the students can get a scholarship of Rs. 6000.00/-(Rs. Six thousand only). The topper students of the tuition centre will be paid this scholarship, which will help the student in motivating other students in their near future.The project is not only promoting better education but also promoting the motor skill development of the students through various activities of the respective NGO. The students of the tuition centre will can develop their innate potentials through the learning of the free computer education and can contribute to the material world with their initiative instinct. The project is focussing at the involvement of the students towards the development of their respective societies. The aim of the project is to uplift the standard of the learning of the BPL student and make them rather better students of the future world. The main objective of this project is to raise the students who reside under the BPL category with proper means of the technique and to prepare them to face the competitive world in the field of education. The project also focuses at the development of the student’s moral values as a real human, because most of the time we see the students use to go for a wrong path because of lack of knowledge regarding the competitive world. So this project will help the students to go towards a right track through varies modulation programme of the NGO. This project will also try to control the growth rate of dropouts of the students, and also will motivate the other students to go for further studies.This project will go with the NGO’s aims to mitigate the problems of downtrodden & deprived section of the society in the field of health, education, sanitation, environment etc., and ensure them equity, justice and right in the society. The project will fulfil the mission to uplift oppress and deprived section of the society by promoting developmental activities in the field of health, education, socio-economic and for a healthy environment to the civilians. The project “ViddyaiJyoti” will comprise a managing committee where DESC (N.G.O.) will be the Governing Body and the tuition centre’s managing committee will be headed by the Village Head-man i.e., Gaonburah. The tuition centre will appoint four teachers where the ratio of the teachers and students will be 50:1. That is, 1 teacher against 50students. The authority of the centre will appoints an equal ratio of male and female teachers in the centre.The project will appoint ten (10) Project Representativesto observe those Tuition Centres. Every District will be divided into four Clusters these are; North-Eastern Zone, South-Eastern Zone, South-Western Zone & North-Western Zone respectively. The Centres also will be divided into four respective Clusters. Those ten Observers will be controlled by the Project’s District Co-ordinator. The remuneration to the teachers will be paid by the authorized branch before 27th of every month, and the salary receipt bill of the teachers duly signed by the teachers and the authorized branch and by the approval of the treasurer to be sentby the authorized branch to the Head Office on or before 3rd day of next month. The Tuition Centre will conduct examination every after three month. The final result will be declared by the end of the session. The best ten position securer students will be awarded publically and will be felicitated with the delegates in front of their guardians. There will be a Central Examination Board from which question paper will be set for the examination in the Tuition centres. The answers sheet also will be check by the authorised Board of Examination under their supervision. During the examination their will an external in every Tuition Centre of the project “ViddyaiJyoti”. The external will have the power to expel the student who will be found going against the rule and regulation and will be barred from certain facilities of the students.
vThe project “ViddyaiJyoti” have an advantage to the school where the Tuition Centre will be situated, because the school will enjoy some of the elements of the NGO such as—-
(a) Free Medical Camps and check-up of the students of the respective schools three (3) times in a year on Eye, Dental and Malaria,
(b)Plantation in the school premises.
(c) Free Spoken English Course to the students of Class IX and Class X.
(d) Donation for the School Week Celebration from the NGO.
vBenefits for the Students who gets enrolled in our Tuition Centre under the name “ViddyaiJyoti”.
1.The students will get the education at a very low rate.
2. The topper student of the Tuition Centre will get a Scholarship of worth Rs. 6000.00 (Rs. SixThousand only).
3. The students of the Tuition Centre will be provided with a Special Class in Personality Development & Grooming by Special Guest twice in a year.
4. Best ten (10) students will be awarded with a gift hamper where they can attend a Career Counselling project in any part of Assam free of cost.
5. Every July and the month of December the students of the Tuition Centre will be provided by the Basic Computer Knowledge free of cost.
6. Each and every studentwill enjoy the Grand Occasion Children Festive Day conducted by theNGO every after three (3) year, where they can excel their potentials.
7. After everythree (3) years the best twenty (20) students can enjoy the Free Educational Tour of four (4) days.
vBenefits ofthe teachers:
1.They are earning a sum of Ten Thousand only (Rs. 10000.00).
2.The teachers shall have to give only 4hrs of services per day, which will be 2hrs in the morning shift and 2 hrs in the evening shift of service per day.
3.The teachers will be provided with a Basic Training in Teaching for eight (8) days after their joining.
4.They will also be provided with two months of Vocational Training in different field according their own selection.
5.They will also enjoy the 3% increment in their remuneration every year.
6.They will be the Volunteer Member the NGO and can work for their respective society where he/she belongs from.



“DEVELOPMENT OF EDUCATIONAL STATUS OF CHILDREN (N.G.O.)”, in short DESC, )is the partner of youth, children, men and women of civil society. It exercises for the better future of families by involving themselves in their self-assessment of their existing potentials. The NGO allows them to fix a goal and motivate them to exercise towards their goal, based on past and present study of their respective families. 
We also try to build leadership in every family so that the family can tap and raise family fund and have a saving habits towards sustainable development of their families.       
DESC has come into existence for the poor and disable children, who can bring a revolutionary change in their lives by the help of the NGO. It is believe that through its aims, mission and objectives focused on the society, would bring the change respectively. As children are the backbone of our society we encourage every family to impart effective knowledge on education, nutrition, health, spirit, socio-economic, religious, political, environment, etc., through our different environmental awareness camps, so that they can build up a good and suitable environment for the present and future as well. The NGO is built on strong ethics and beliefs that the objectives of the NGO is to bring productive and positive changes in the lives of the students, by giving them opportunities which help in turning their dreams into reality. Since its inception, with its focused aims, mission and objectives, the NGO has been offering them a bright future to the students of BPL, filled with independence and confidence.                 
The NGO has been registered under the Societies Registration Act, XXI of 1860, and the Registration Number of the society is RS/UDGL/262/B/60 of 2010-2011.
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